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Palm Trees Chase® Ad

Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

Palm trees scenery,  Piñones, PR
Photography by Jose Luis Bures©

Sky Scraper

East Flagler Street

Downtown Miami
Photography by Jose Luis Bures©

Florida Marlins' Park Far View

501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL

West Side Downtown Miami
Photography by Jose Luis Bures©
 "I was quite impressed by Jose Luis' ability to complete all work assigned to him on time, if not before it was due. His work product was always thorough, extremely creative and right on target for our market. Our design team is provided with all the copy needed to produce artwork, but Jose Luis' talents prompted us to assign him copy-writing pieces. His writing is clear and his headlines are concise and evocative."

I strongly recommend him for any creative and/or design-related position within any organization.

Aimee Artiles
Vice President, Marketing & New Business Development
Daily Business Review - American Lawyer Media

 "On many occasions it would be necessary to go to JL, as we all called him here, at the last minute for an unexpected project that I would need later the same day or first thing the next morning. Without exception, Luis would create the impossible and meet my deadline. Even when JL was buried with our customers’ jobs, he would work into the evening to be sure that my requested work for T-Square’s marketing department was completed.

In summary, I highly recommend José Luis Burés to any organization in need of a talented designer who meets deadlines, and also is a joy to have as a business associate."

Jim Thomas
Marketing Director
T-Square — Reprographics and Imaging Solutions

 "From a creative standpoint, I cannot speak more highly of the artistic flair and conceptual
thinking Jose Luis brings to each and every creative assignment. His choice of type and color, in particular, always capture the mood and enhance the appeal and dramatic effect of every piece. Beyond his creative credentials, Luis is extremely customer oriented. Even in the face of tight and sometimes unreasonable deadlines, he always remains calm, courteous, organized, and prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job done on time and on-target.

Rare attributes in today's "It's not my job " attitude world."

Martin Broder
Creative Manager, Marketing
Kravis Center for The Performing Arts

 "We have been looking to Jose Luis for his creative work and found him to be full of fresh ideas. His art direction and understanding of concept & application has aided us to present winning campaigns with clients all around the U.S., nationwide. I've always found Jose Luis work to be of the utmost quality, he has always listen to the concepts I wish to develop and provided me with not just one but several designs which to choose my preference. Not only he has a total understanding of the production factors and complete hands on experience in the graphic design field, but he also knows how to apply his technical and digital knowledge to our benefit.

Any deadlines I've given Jose Luis, have always been promptly met."

Leon Shaffer Golnick
Golnick Advertising

 "As the magazine editor and his direct supervisor, I've had the opportunity to see him in operation on a daily basis. From photo-editing to computer graphics to illustration, José Luis shows total understanding and control of all the principles of the graphic arts industry. He also knows how to apply his computer knowledge as well as his manual skills to develop a professional product. His knowledge of English and Spanish makes him absolutely bilingual and his common sense approach to copy-writing was extremely helpful to us. José Luis learns quickly and has always been there to lend a helping hand to others. He is very creative and highly self-motivated. He works well with other people and always been respectful to his superiors. He tends to be quiet, but he has never failed to contribute ideas and goodwill to our publication and to undertake any new project without any hesitation.

I can recommend him without reservation."

Willie Blanco
Mi Casa Semanal, VivAmerica Media Group